Our Roots

After three generations as a family-owned and operated business, it's no surprise that consistency, service, and quality are among the hallmarks of our brand.

In the midst of the great depression, Maurice Zeigler found himself thinking of ways to augment his income while working at the Ford Motor Co. His family, which would grow to be eight, would go on to expand his small company to unforeseen size, was the driving force behind the company’s modest beginnings. Raised on an apple and peach farm, he understood what it was to live off the land, and had a keen knowledge of how to blend apples to create the best tasting cider.

The family began selling his blends in 1932, having a family friend press his cider to sell at local farm stands. They advertised via homemade flyers with original poems. In a time where most Americans were just focusing on surviving, Maurice did something consistent with most successful entrepreneurs: he bravely took a risk. In 1935, Maurice bought a cider press, put it in the shed behind their house, and turned it into Zeigler’s first cider mill.

If you like cider fresh and sweet
come to our press and get a treat.
We wash our apples, rinse them too
the price is not too high for you.
If you find this is not so
bring it back and get your dough.
I am a very busy man
but will deliver if I can.
If you call from dusk to ten
we can serve you better then.

~Poem by Maurice and Kathryn Zeigler

Since these modest beginnings, Zeigler’s has spent nearly a century enjoying consistent growth. Land was purchased in Lansdale, PA in the early 1940’s, and distribution grew to include direct sale to area supermarkets. That radius grew to the greater New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas, and in 1968, now with Maurice’s sons and son-in-law at the helm, Zeigler’s was incorporated.

Zeigler's History Cider Mill

Since then, our cider has gradually spread to parts of the country that couldn’t get seasonal cider- first up and down the East Coast, then as far West as Texas by the early 90’s, finally all the way to California. To date, Zeigler’s cider is available in 32 states every autumn. After three full generations as a family-owned and operated business, it’s no surprise that consistency, service, and quality are among the hallmarks of our brand. In a way, Zeigler’s unwillingness to sell out its principles in the name of rapid growth has been the precise reason the company is one of the most trusted and loved beverage brands in the nation.